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What a team represents?

Teams are group spaces in which task plans, KPIs and announcements will be organised. A team generally represents a real team, the ones that were already in place before Fabriq implementation.

One example is the quality team with the quality specialists, the quality manager and possibly the quality director. It is likely to be the same in Fabriq.

Teams in Fabriq correspond to the different levels of your performance review cascade. More concretely, for each performance review on a production site, there is a team in Fabriq.

Team structure in Fabriq

In a team space, there are several elements:

Members: They are the ones who keep a team alive, they will be able to create tickets to report problems and will be responsible for the tasks. See the article πŸ‰ Manage your team members to understand the structure and also manage the status of the members.

Categories: These correspond to the different categories displayed on a team's dashboard. See the article πŸ†• Add/Edit a team category to add or edit your team's categories.

Indicators: Go to the KPIS tab to see the different indicators associated with a team. See the article KPIs in Fabriq to know what KPIs are in Fabriq.

Tickets: All the tickets of a specific team are grouped in the task plan

Announcements: All team announcements are accessible from the announcements tab. πŸ“£ About the announcements tab

Navigating within a team

Five tabs available

Five tabs for each team

These tabs allow you to review the different topics of the task plan, review the indicators and easily communicate information to the different teams.

The dashboard allows you to view the daily summary of the task plan, KPIs and announcements. It is usually from the dashboard that performance meetings are conducted.

Dashboard: daily summary of activities within a team
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