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Navigate through the application

Understand the Fabriq interface

The first element to master in Fabriq is the side menu. This is the menu on the left that allows you to navigate through the application.

Side menu

It consists of the following sections:

Home: This page contains the list of tasks that have been assigned to you, also called actions, your routines, and your different teams. (πŸ‘¬What is a team in Fabriq?)


My Tasks: On this page, you will be able to see more details on all the tasks that have been allocated to you. (▢️ Learn more about actions)

My tickets: This page contains the list of tickets in which you play a role. (πŸ“„ What is a ticket ?)

Analysis: Leave this section aside, you will use it later to analyze your teams' Fabriq data.

Teams: This section lists all the teams in which you are a member. It is the same list as the one on the home page. It allows you to access the content of the different teams.

Understanding the structure of information in Fabriq

4 key objects in Fabriq :

The teams are group spaces in which action plans, indicators, routines and communications will be organized. Teams generally represent the actual teams in a plant. For example, if you are a member of the quality department, a quality team is likely to be accessible under "Teams" in the side menu.

The categories are the large families in which you will organize your tickets and indicators. The most standard categories are often Safety, Quality, Logistics etc. But each team can define its own list of categories and your own space surely contains categories not listed here.

The indicators gather numerical data that allow you to evaluate and monitor the performance of each category within a team. An indicator is always attached to a team.

The labels (labels or tags) are a list of free terms that allow you to qualify the tickets. They can be any useful information to qualify the data, facilitate navigation via filters and identify recurring problems (machine references, project, resolution methodologies (8D, 5W etc.) etc.).

Navigate between teams

You can select a team on the home page or in the navigation sidebar.

homepage and sidebar navigation

Click on a team to access its dashboard, task plan, indicators and announcements. To learn more about these different elements, you can consult the following articles:

- βš”οΈ What is the task plan ?
- πŸ“‹ Team dashboard
- ⏰ Create and edit a routine
- πŸ“Š KPIs in Fabriq
- πŸ“£ About the announcements tab

Access a team space

Navigating within a team

Five tabs available

These tabs allow you to review the different topics of the task plan, review the indicators and easily communicate information to the different teams.

The dashboard allows you to view the daily summary of the task plan, KPIs and Announcements. It is usually from the dashboard that performance meetings are conducted.

Dashboard: daily summary of a team
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