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The different roles within a team

Within a team, there are 4 different roles, with different permissions that you will find below :

- Member
- Admin
- Owner
- Auditor (That role only allow you to access the content of a specific team space, you can't do anything else)

Permissions for each role :

Add members

To add a new member, go to the team settings by clicking on the three dots to the right of the team name.

Add members

You can then invite a new member to join the Fabriq workspace.

To add a new member, you must use a business address. For example This is a security measure to prevent outsiders from accessing the Fabriq space. To add a person who does not have a business address, please contact your site administrator. If you don't know your site administrator, you can always contact us.

Change a member's role

If you have modification rights (you are admin or owner, see the beginning of the article), you can change the role of a team member by going to the team settings:

Add members
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