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There are 2 types of notifications in Fabriq :

🔔 Personal notifications

🟠 Team notifications

🔔 Personal Notifications

The bell in top right indicates your personal notifications :

- A reminder of a new task you were assigned at the meeting;
- Reminder of a ticket you were assigned in a meeting;
- a ticket for which you are responsible has been modified
- One of your task has been marked as completed.

You can access the tickets corresponding to the notification directly by clicking on the bell.

🟠 Team notifications

When a new ticket or a new communication is created, a notification appears on the team concerned :

The dots then tell you whether it is a new ticket in the task plan or a new announcement :

The new tickets and new announcement are indicated by a small orange pastille. You just have to open the content to make the orange pastille disappear.

New tickets:

New communications :

The new tickets are also indicated with an orange dot in the dashboard :

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