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Performance Indicators

The performance indicators in Fabriq allow you to follow the evolution of your real KPIs. They represent the same KPIs that you track in your plant.

However, here are some of the specifics of the KPIs in Fabriq:

You can access to your KPIs via the "KPI" section of the team area.

The indicators are attached to an original team in Fabriq on the same principle as tickets. They can also be shared/assigned to several teams. For example, if you follow the "risk hunt" indicator in your plant, this indicator may be common to all departments in the plant, so it will be assigned to all teams in Fabriq.

Indicators are classified by category, the same category as the category of the team space in which they are created.

Several types of indicators exist: chronological series, status indicator, day counter and embedded iFrame.

Indicators can be fed or updated in different ways: manually by adding data points by hand, semi-automatically by transmitting an excel file or automatically by connecting directly to the Fabriq PLC.
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