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Inside an indicator

To access the inside of an indicator, simply click on it. You can do this from the dashboard, the task plan or the KPIS tab.

"General" tab inside the indicator

The indicators follow the same pattern as the tickets with a comment flow on the right allowing you to tag a person or a data point related to the indicator.

Below the graph are the tickets associated with this indicator and on the top right is a call to action inviting to add a ticket if the indicator's target is not reached. The ticket will be automatically linked to the indicator.

"Datapoints" tab

An indicator aggregates a set of data points with a date, value, objective and status (🔴ou✅). For each data point, it is possible to associate a comment in the comment stream on the right.

"Settings" tab

You can set up an indicator by specifying its type, the number of decimal places, the power as well as additional calculation values that will appear below the indicator value (e.g. sum over the current month).

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