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Fabriq offers a variety of online team and collaboration tools, including the websites,, and via third party applications and integrations (collectively, "Fabriq"). The following applies to all means of access to Fabriq.

Fabriq is constantly working to maintain adherence to GDPR et offers its services in clear and structured legal framework. Since its creation, Fabriq has given the utmost importance to the protection of personal data. It is important to note that Fabriq acts as a supplier of services to its clients. It is therefore the clients' responsibility to ensure that Fabriq as their supplier is GDPR-compliant, specifically where the collection of personal data si concerned.

The following are a non-exhautive list of measures taken by Fabriq to ensure GDPR compliance:
creation of clear contractual framework, in which Fabriq's obligations and responsaiblities relative to the the collection and handling of personal date are made clear and precisely defined;
a log of all operations made involving all personal data transmitted to Fabriq;
strict measures for the protection of personal data transmitted to Fabriq, so as to reduce the risk of violation of these data as much as possible, and notifcation protocols should such a breach occur
designation of a Data Protection Officer (DPO), in charge of ensuring the adherence to internal data protection policies

More information on the RGPD policy of fabriq.
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