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Manage your team task plan

Team task plan groups all open tickets in a team space. It allows you to manage all problems or ongoing projects in one place.

The team action plan looks like this:

You can customize it by using the different filters at your disposal:

What you can do from the task plan

Fabriq allows you to quickly review the day's topics, create new tasks and update topics:

📅 Select the topics of the day to review

🔄 Validate and create tasks

You can check the tasks directly on the task plan or by opening the ticket:

🗄️ Archive or push tickets

Archive the ticket if all the actions have been completed and the problem has been solved by the teams (the ticket is saved and accessible in the archive)

Postpone persistent topics to a later review date:

Level the number of tickets per day with the calendar. The calendar allow you to see the number of tickets per day:

- Follow the number of reviews of the ticket thanks to the counter located below the review date:

🆕 Create a new ticket

To declare a new topic, create a new ticket using the blue button in the top right corner of the screen.

See also: 🆕 Create a ticket

📊 Direct access to indicators

You can access the indicators directly from the task plan. Click on them to access historical values, comments and associated tickets :

Review the indicator, comments and take corrective actions directly by creating a new ticket from the indicator :

For more information about KPIs, see the articles 📊 KPIs in Fabriq
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