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Les indicateurs dynamiques

💡 The dynamic KPIs will allow you to consolidate your data in fabriq

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It is possible to consolidate the same type KPis, i.e.: Time series, day counter and status indicator.

There are two types of consolidation to date

Consolidation of several indicators: typically an aggregation of several safety crosses (the calculations are the sum, the average, the minimum and the maximum)
Consolidation of one or more indicators: in this case we will be able to make averages or sliding sums over a chosen period of time

Thereafter we will be able to
Create indicators from the routines in order to have a more detailed analysis of the scores obtained or the number of routines performed
Create indicators based on labels to track the distribution of tickets by problem source

If this feature is not available on your site I invite you to contact us: 📞 How to reach the Fabriq team ?
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