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Adding data to an indicator

👈A the hand

Open the KPI then add a data point.

🔁Import an excel file

1️⃣ Download the import template file available on the link under the zone where to drop the file. Download the template

2️⃣ Updates your indicator data using the indicator ID as a reference.

To find out the ID of the indicator you want to update, go to the KPI itself below the title.

Find the ID of a KPI

You can make the import routine easier by building a macro excel that makes the link between your source files and the import template.

For the day counter or safety cross KPI, the following values must be filled in (in the value column of the excel file):
0 for No accidents
1 for Present accident (without care)
2 for Accident with care
3 for Accident with work stoppage

Similarly, the status indicator must be filled in the values:
0 for Sad face.
1 for Neutral smiley
2 for Smiley content

3️⃣ Import your file

A message will tell you how many data points have been updated and, if applicable, how many data points have been imported with an error

🤖 Automatic synchronization by API

To connect your information systems to the manufactured PLC, see the following documentation:

📊How to update KPIs in Fabriq?

You can also contact us at 💌 for technical assistance in connecting to the PLC manufactured.
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