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Add an indicator that comes from an external system

To facilitate the integration of Fabriq with your existing tools, you can view indicators from external systems directly in Fabriq. This allows you to link your operational task plans to complex graphs from BI tools.

Softwares compatible with this method are:

Power BI
And others...

Any doubt about the configuration? Feel free to contact us through the chat to ask specific questions.

Prerequisite to add an external indicator

It must be accessible from the cloud
You must have the access rights to view it correctly.
The software must be compatible with iframes

How do I set up an external indicator ?

To add an external flag, we use the iframe method. You then need to create an iframe flag and access its parameters. You can then simply copy/paste the flag url in the Iframe part.

How do I find the link to share with excel?


if your data comes from excel, you have to add this code at the end of the url &action=embedview&wdbipreview=true
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